Homebody Full Spectrum of Possibilities Pearlescent CBD Bath Soak


This gentle yet effective handmade pearlescent bath bomb soak is packed with a cocktail of anti-inflammatory ingredients and skin soothing oils. In the bag these 4 colors unite and blend together to bring a high level spectrum of optical effects worthy of a truly innovative bathing experience.

You won't just see pretty water, you'll see inspiration and infinite possibilities that remind you to dream and believe.

Key Ingredients: chamomile, lemongrass, shea butter, 50mg full spectrum sun grown cbd, vitamin e, organic apricot kernel oil, magnesium, arnica.

Signature Scent: melon, citrus, sandalwood, jasmine, grass and violet.

How To Use: Shake the desired amount into your bath (for best results we recommend using 1/3 of the pouch per bath), soak for 30 (or more), enjoy the kaleidoscope effects of the bath water, let your tiny pores drink up all the good stuff —and (literally) feel all your troubles fade away.

Ingredients: All-natural water process sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, epsom salt, polysorbate 80, dead sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, organic apricot oil, organic almond oil, organic hemp seed oil, arnica, argan oil, fd&c colorant, plastic-free glitter (our shimmers are also non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, cruelty free and food grade) botanical extracts and essential oils.

Full Size:14 oz (396g) per bag, available in 300mg cbd (120mg per 5.6 ounces)

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