Seventh and Oak

Seventh and Oak Asana Candle


Asana combines the natural power of essential oils with a stylish design to create a soothing environment, wherever you are. The Asana candle has been designed to burn slowly and cleanly, without soot or smoke. If you like musky or woodsy scents, you'll love this candle. It's soft and delicate with just the right amount of fragrance to fill a small room. Use during your evening restorative yoga practice, or gift to a friend. Asana is moderately scented and not overpowering. 

  • Vegan soy wax
  • FSC Certified wood wick
  • Phthalate and cruelty-free plant based oils
  • Reusable glass jar
  • Plastic-free packaging

Size: 8oz

Burn time: 50 hours


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