Seventh and Oak

Seventh and Oak Asana Candle


Have a seat, free your mind, and marvel at its beauty and wonder.

Scent Notes: Lavender, Cinnamon, Jasmine & Patchouli

Mood: Intriguing & Therapeutic

Size: 3" w x 3.5" h

Burn time: +/- 50 hours

Asana is a term widely used in yoga practice that is derived from the Sanskrit word "asana," meaning seat or posture. When you burn Asana, it will help stimulate the release of pleasure hormones and feelings of anxiety, anger, and sadness simply disappear due to the presence of Patchouli oil.

Patchouli oil is an essential oil derived from the leaves of the patchouli plant, a type of aromatic herb. Along with Lavender, which is widely used in aromatherapy practices, there’s traces of Cinnamon and Jasmine.

Trust us, your mind will thank you later.

 Recommended Use

Use Asana when practicing mindful yoga, relaxing or aiming to improve your mood.

Good to know

Before lighting your candle for the first time, trim your wick to 0.25” (or 3/16") above the wax and let your candle burn for 2 - 4 hours to achieve a full melt pool (meaning there is no unmelted wax along the corners of the candle jar).

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