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Catherine & Co Kokotí Candle


coconut | ˈkō-kō-nut

Fragrance notes: sea salt, coconut, vanilla sugar, caramel, monk fruit, brown sugar, and amber 

The drupaceous fruit of the coconut palm whose outer fibrous husk yields coir and whose nut contains thick edible meat and, in the flesh, clear liquid. KokotÍ is the Lingala word for "coconut."

Although originally cultivated in Southwest Asia and Melanesia, coconuts quickly became a staple in African cuisine, hair care, skincare, and décor after their introduction to East Africa by European travelers in the early 17th century. This candle has a fruity and creamy accent and a layer of sugared vanilla and amber for a subtly sweet treat. Wax is poured into a white vessel and topped off with a dust cover. 

Note: Made in Toronto, ON with a natural blend of coconut and soy wax. Catherine & Co. uses wooden wicks for a cleaner burn. All products are natural and made by hand. Variations may appear and are normal—they will not affect the quality of the candle while lit. Orders take an average of 2-3 weeks to arrive after the shipping date. You will receive a tracking notification once your item has been shipped.

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